We work every day with the utmost dedication and respect alongside people who, like us, aim at the highest standards.



FERMED has set itself the primary objective of meeting its client’s diverse needs with solutions as technologically advanced as possible on the field. And not only that: Fermed is committed to guarantee an assistance that can support with presence and high-quality services all clients and Partners that are part of our network.


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The vision of the company is to maintain a leadership’s position in products / services in healthcare, for the well-being of patients. To provide added value to our customers, we continually improve our wide range of products / services to remain their point of reference for any solutions.

Values and Strenghts

We maintain high levels of innovation, knowledge and technical expertise to provide the best solutions to our customers. We are focused to build on traditional reliability and establish solid partnership with our customers and strategic partners.

Our competence

We support integrity, quality and scientific innovation as our own spirit, dedicating our attention medical staff and patients and providing the best quality of products and services. We offer high quality services, calibrated cutomer needs. Our skills in the medical field ranging from the research exclusive products with patents, high profile and to train users for healthcare.

Have deep knowledge of the market to for focusing on the choice of medical devices. Have a strategic approach and financial stability to support long-term investments and partnerships Maximize capacity of the whole company team who cover the entire Italian territory with a dedicated internal management.

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