born with the spirit of deepening and always keep skills up to date theoretical and practical knowledge in the field of products placed on the market and with the goal of providing professionals with all the necessary tools to face the challenges of the market and have new technologies and services to offer to their patients/clients.

The educational offer is transverse and multi-disciplinary

The educational offer is transverse and multi-disciplinary, with a good balance between theoretical lessons and practical sessions, and ranging from single theme courses-day courses, structured in multiple appointments.

For such activities the Fermed features collaborations with leading KOL International and offers the perfect space for all of the technology in order to improve, to learn and to improve the practice of surgical and anatomical knowledge.

In a scenario that is rapidly changing the Fermed is committed to dedicate time and resources to the professional training of Physicians and health Personnel and not. For this we offer Executives, Doctors, Coordinators, Nurses, Technicians, Pharmacists, Managers and clinical Engineers the opportunity to participate in the educational programs of national scope and international teaching staff is highly qualified. 

Because even so, we can help to improve the quality of life and health of the People.

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